Food & Wine

The heart of Lake Garda hospitality

Food & Wine

The heart of Lake Garda hospitality

Lake Garda combines cultural and natural highlights with food and wine, the fruit of fertile land, mild climate and ancient traditions.
In particular, Bardolino offers exciting tours to discover authentic flavours and tastes.

It is also a perfect point of departure for Valpolicella, a hilly area on the east coast of the Lake. Valpolicella is renowned for its vineyards (birthplace of the famous Amarone), ancient villas, historical gardens, churches and chapels, all testimonies to a glorious past.


The vineyards of Bardolino, favoured by the sunny and mild pre-alpine environment, give birth to wonderful internationally acclaimed wines such as Bardolino Classico or Classico Superiore and Chiaretto.

Bardolino’s main vines are Corvina, il Corvione, la Rondinella and la Molinara, spread over an area covering 16 municipalities. The best way to explore the local produce is along the Strada del Vino, which stretches 80 km, with many wineries along the route. Bardolino wine goes well with all Italian food, while on Lake Garda it accompanies freshwater fish – pike, whitefish, sardine, perch, eel and chub - often served with polenta. It is also good with pasta dishes made with meat sauce and soups.

Other famous wines from the surrounding regions include Soave, Merlot, Cabernet, Vino Santo (from the north), Garda Classico Groppello della Valtenesi and the southern vineyards of Lugana.


There is a venerable tradition of olive cultivation on Lake Garda, supported by the great monasteries of Northern Italy.

The delicate and balanced extra virgin olive oil of Garda is lovely as a dressing and is rich in natural antioxidants (vitamins E and polyphenols). Its unique taste has the fragrance of freshly cut grass, apple and almond.

Traditional Garda dishes go perfectly with the local extra virgin olive oil, which can enrich the taste of lake fish, as well as local peasant meat dishes and polenta.

Wine tastings

Wine tastings let you sample the flavours before buying. They are also a chance to appreciate the value of the product, where visitors can learn about the cultivation method and its tradition.

We recommend a visit to the Guerrieri Rizzardi wine estate, founded in the early 20th century. It was born from the union between two ancient wine producers: the Counts Guerrieri, owners of a centuries-old estate with vineyards and cellars in Bardolino, and the Counts Rizzardi, with vineyards in Valpolicella dating back to 1678.

Guerrieri Rizzardi is based in Bardolino, in an ancient building belonging to the Guerrieri family since 1450. All the grapes come from estate vineyards, and the wines are vinified in the cellars in each appellation.

The Garden of Pojega, owned by the Counts Rizzardi, is also well worth a visit. Today Pojega is an estate that includes not only the Villa and the prestigious Italian garden - famous for its architectural and natural beauty and pretty flowers- but also the wine cellar and the outhouse, where you can taste and buy the wines and the extra virgin olive oil produced at the estate.

You can book a guided tour of the 17th-century lemon houses for groups of a minimum of 15 people. The garden is in Pojega, in Negrar, Valpolicella (about 30 km from Bardolino).

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