1 - It is compulsory to wear a mask?

Indoor the mask is required. It is not compulsory while seated at the restaurant, for children under 6 years old even outdoor and during the stay on your pitch or accommodation. (updated to 2021)

2 - Are hand sanitizers present in every public spot?

15 sanitized stations have been installed near all common areas. (updated to 2021)

3 - How will the entrances to the swimming pools be organized? Is there a maximum number of people who can enter? Do you have entry shifts? What are the rules to access?

All pools are open and equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas that will be sanitized every time. There is a maximum number of people who can access to guarantee the required social distancing. The maximum number of people will be defined according to the guidelines and reported outside each pool. It is necessary to use the cap, and to take a soapy shower as well before the use of the tub. (updated to 2021)

4 - Are the toilets and showers open? How often will they be sanitized?

All the toilets are open, equipped with sanitizer. They will be sanitized at least 3 times a day. To maintain the correct distancing some sinks will not be usable and marked with special signs. (updated to 2021)

5 - Is it allowed to go to the beach? Are there any limitations?

Yes, the beaches are open, while the pier is still closed. There are no limitations at all, even though social distanting is always recommended. (updated to 2021)

6 - It is still possible to rent bicycles?

Yes, it is. The bicycles will be sanitized and checked at the end of every rental. (updated to 2021)

7 - Is the SPA Harmonia open? What’s about the stream-bath and the sauna?

Harmonia is open, as far as massages and aesthetics concerned. The gym, sauna and stream-bath are available as well. (updated to 2020)

8 - What are the rules for entering the restaurant / bazaar and supermarket?

It is mandatory to wear the mask while entering the restaurant, but it can be removed at the table. Botanika has also organized a delivery service and the order will be taken directly to the pitch or accommodation. The use of the mask is mandatory inside the supermarket and bazaar for all your stay in it. (updated to 2021)

9 - How are the accommodations sanitized?

After each departure, all accommodations will be sanitized with hydrogen peroxide and medical-surgical devices. A seal will be placed at each sanitation that you will find outside the house with the date on which the treatment was carried out. (updated to 2021)

10 - Do I need the Green Pass to use the campsite facilities?

At the campsite access is reserved for those with a COVID-19 green pass only for indoor activities at swimming pools, gyms, team sports and wellness centres. Green pass is not necessary when aeting at the restaurant even when indoors.

11 - In the surrounding villages are commercial and recreational activities and amusement parks open? What’s about the bars at the beach?

All shops and bars are open, while the amusement parks as Gardaland and Caneva are opened by reservation starting from the beginning of July. (updated to 2021)

12 - As far as the animation concerned, will children be able to participate in the activities? Are the playgrounds inside the campsite open?

The children can join the miniclub. It is required a registration for all children, but our staff will help you in the process. The playgrounds are open and constantly sanitized, while the baby dance will be active from the first days of July. For the moment beach volleyball and soccer fields are opened in the morning for activities with the animation team and in the afternoon by reservation.(updated to 2021)

13- I have a booking for 2021 but can’t come (due to government travel restrictions). Can I move my deposit to a later stay in 2021?

Of course. Just contact the reception and let us know the new dates. Subject to availability we will move your booking to the new period requested. (updated to 2021)

14 - Can I postpone my stay to a higher season in 2020? Do I have to pay a surchage?

It is possible to move the stay to any period in the 2021 season, subject to availability. The cost of the new booking will depend on the seasonality of the new dates. This means that, if the period is in a lower season, the cost will decrease while, otherwise, there will be a supplement to pay. (updated to 2021)

15 - If I change my booking to 2022 will the price stay the same or change?

There is not the new 2022 price list yet. It is already possible to move the deposit to a new stay in 2022 but the price will depend on the season and on the new prices, not yet published. (updated to 2021)

16 - I don't know the dates of my next visit. Can I cancel my current booking and notify you as soon as I know?  Can I receive a voucher to use for my next stay?

You can cancel your booking within the terms of company policy. If you apply for a Holiday Voucher you can keep the deposit for any stay in Saison 2021 or 2022 without losing it. If you don't use the voucher within this time frame, La Rocca will refund the entire amount paid except for the booking fees at the end of the 2022 season. (updated to 2021)

17 - How can I use a voucher?

The use of the voucher during its period of validity is unlimited. It can be used both as a new deposit for a new booking. For organizational reasons we kindly usk to let our booking office know the intent to use it in advance. The voucher is not transferable and cannot be sold to third parties unless requested in writing and motivated, and after confirmation from the booking office. (updated to 2021) 

18 - What is the deadline for cancellation?

It is possible to cancel the reservation 30 days before arrival, for any reason. Furthermore, there is the possibility, during the booking phase, to request the Secure Booking option at a cost of € 45, which allows you to cancel 7 days before the check-in date. In both cases, in case of cancellation, the € 25 booking fee will be retained, and in the case of Secure Booking also the € 45, but the deposit will be refunded. In case of travel restrictions, our cancellation policy will be adjusted.

19 - Will the restaurant, market and swimming pool service be provided at the opening? Delivery service to the accommodation (food)?

Yes, all services will be open. Obviously subject to compliance with the protocol imposed by the competent authorities, which will be displayed both at reception and published on our website. (updated to 2021)

20 - Is a quarantine mandatory when entering Italy?

From the 15/5/21 is quarantine no mandatory anymore.