1 - It is compulsory to wear a mask?

The mask is no longer compulsory indoors or outdoors. FFP2 is only required in public transport even for children from 6 years of age (updated to 2022).

2 - Is the SPA Harmonia open? What’s about the stream-bath and the sauna?

Harmonia is open, both massages and aesthetics are active. The gym, sauna and steam bath are also available by appointment (Updated 2022).

3 - How are the accommodation sanitised?

On each departure, all accommodation is sanitised with hydrogen peroxide and medical-surgical aids. A seal will be placed on each sanitisation, which you will find on the outside of the house with the date on which the treatment was carried out. (Updated to 2022)

4 - Do I need the 2G-Green Pass to use the campsite facilities?

From 1/4/22, date of opening of the campsite, no Green Pass is required (Updated 2022).

5 - What is the deadline for cancellation?

It is possible to cancel the reservation 30 days before arrival, for any reason. Furthermore, there is the possibility, during the booking phase, to request the Secure Booking option at a cost of € 45, which allows you to cancel 7 days before the check-in date. In both cases, in case of cancellation, the € 25 booking fee will be retained, and in the case of Secure Booking also the € 45, but the deposit will be refunded. If travel restrictions arise, our cancellation policies will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, it will be possible to receive a Voucher valid for saison 2022, even after the cancellation period has expired, only upon presentation of an official document certifying that you are positive or in need of quarantine.

6 - How can I use a voucher?

The use of the voucher during its period of validity is unlimited. It can be used both as a new deposit for a new booking. For organizational reasons we kindly usk to let our booking office know the intent to use it in advance. The voucher is not transferable and cannot be sold to third parties unless requested in writing and motivated, and after confirmation from the booking office. (updated to 2022)