Fitness Weekend at La Rocca Camping Village

Fitness Weekend at La Rocca Camping Village


Activities and Fun for Everyone!

If you are a fitness enthusiast and are looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend, we have prepared a program
full of engaging activities for October 20th and 21st. Join us for a unique wellness and entertainment experience!

Saturday 21.10:
10:00- Football School: For football enthousiasts, an opportunity to improve your skills on the pitch.
10:00- Pump Track: Test your cycling skills on this adrenaline-pumping track.
10:30- Arena - Pilates with Body Mind: Start the day with a regenerating pilates session to strengthen mind and body.
10:30- Mini Club:Trial Rhythmic Gymnastics with A.S.D. Etoile for the youngest.
10:30- Pool Idro Bike: A unique workout that combines cycling and water for an intense experience.
11:15- Archery: Sharpen your accuracy with this engaging challenge
11:15- Pool Acqua Fit: train your body in the water with a fun and dynamic fitness session.
11:30- Kangoo Fit with Kelly Oi Oi at the stage: An energizing fitness experience with Kangoo Jumps footwear.
15:30- Pump Track: Try the adrenaline-pumping track again in the afternoon.
16:00- Archery: A new challenge in the afternoon.
16.00- At the stage, Rehearsal of Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibition A.S.D. Etoile: Admire the grace and agility of the performances.
16:30- Tabata Work Out with Kelly Oi Oi: A high intensity workout to challenge yourself.
17:00- Volley Ball: Put your skills into play in a volleyball match.
17:30- Dynamic Yoga with Body Mind: End the day with a yoga session to relax and rejuvenate.
21:00- Performance of Rhythmic Gymnastics A.S.D. Etoile: Enjoy the rhythmic gymnastics evening show.

Sunday 22.10
10:00- MTB Bike Ride on the Lake with instructor: A mountain bike excursion to explore the surrounding landscape
10:00 - Football School: Keep improving your football skills.
10:00- Pump Track: Another occasion to tackle the track by bike.
10:30 - at the stage Pilates  with Body Mind: Another pilates session for a good to start of the day .
10:30- Idro Bike: A cycling session in the water for a unique challenge.
11:15- Archery: Test your accuracy with the bow again.
11:30- Pool Acqua Zumba with Kelly Oi Oi: Unleash the rhythm in the water with an intensive Zumba session.
15:30- Pump Track: Resume the challenge on the track.
16:00- Archery: More archery in the afternoon.
17.00 - Volley Ball: Participate in a fun and challenging volleyball match
17:30 - Dynamic Yoga with Body Mind: End the weekend with a relaxing yoga session.