Help us limiting your wastes, our children will thank you.

The respect for the environment is one of the principal values for La Rocca Camp.

As an open air resort, it is responsible for reducing environmental impact. A long history of active environmental programs offered us the opportunity to increase our competitiveness, always maintaining the high quality of our services.

The environmental protection is observed with several actions:

  • more than 100mq of solar panels used for water heating
  • electric cars for the staff
  • avoidance to waste resources
  • separation of thrash
  • use of eco- friendly material whenever possible.
  • Low consumption lamps in the public lighting and inside the housing units

The last important news for water saving is given by the new plumbing system, restored to guarantee our guests a better water quality in full respect for the environment. This year a brand new chlorine dioxide system has been installed, making the water even more healthy and clean.
The advantages of this method are countless:

  • the chlorine dioxide removes any possible Legionella and Bacterium Biological film.
  • the chlorine dioxide does not smell as chlorine.
  • Chlorine dioxide has a great oxidizing effect, which works efficiently against bacterium, virus and spores, that the chlorine solution can’t delete.
  • Chlorine dioxide does not react to ammonium (NH4+) or with its chemical bonds. On the other hand chlorine reacts with the ammonium to create amides which have negative effects on the disinfection of drinking water.
  • The employment of chlorine dioxide avoids the formation of undesired and harmful substances such as halogen hydrocarbons (Trihalogenmethane, AOX).

2014: there will be planting 100 new trees in the pitches area, 60 CELTI AUSTRALIS and 40 OLEA EUROPEA and more than 400 PRUNUS LAURUS to give you more privacy and shadow.
2015:La Rocca Camp has at its heart the well-being of its guests due to its sustainability policy. In the new area you’ll find internal paths and roads marked “Biostrasse” an innovative sustainable and eco-friendly area free from any hydrocarbon pollutants. By creating these ‘Biostrasse’ without using any plastic substances and any coal derivatives, we have insured no harm to humans nor to the environment. These pavements are ” porous ” and at the same time ” thermic ” thus eliminating any radiant heat being produced, which would affect the microclimate of the area.
There will be planting 50 new trees and more than 1000 LAURUS PHOTINIA and LHEYLANDI to give more privacy and shadow.

NEWS 2016: New plants, new electric vehicles and new maxicaravan eco area.

2017: In the new area you’ll find internal paths and roads marked “Biostrasse”, there will be planting more than 2000 plants and changing neon lamps with new low consumption lamps in the public lighting and inside the housing units.

July 2017: there will be a new box for charging electric vehicles.