Discount coupon

You are just a few steps away from getting your coupon.

This year La Rocca has decided to bring you home the discount coupons for this season, which we used to hand out at the touristic fairs.

Take advantage now, the coupons are only 200! Register and you will receive your discount per email to be shown at the reception.


15% DISCOUNT for season A B minimum 3 nights for pitches, mobile homes and apartments

10% DISCOUNT for season C D minimum 7 nights for pitches, minimum 5 nights for mobile homes and apartments

5% DISCOUNT season E, minimum 7 nights for mobile homes and apartments

Fill out the form;

Log in to your mail and confirm the address;

Wait for our confirmation e-mail. We recommend printing or saving the email on your phone, you will need to display it at checkout to get the discount;

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