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La Rocca Camping Village boasts several pitches on the shores of Lake Garda (west)

The western campsite pitches offer immediate access to the beach and lake.

You can rent the campsite's pitches for tents, caravans or campers. They have parking and electricity (6-16 amps) and in some cases are connected to the mains water supply and drains.

There are four accessible toilet blocks, two in the western part and two in the east. The western ones all provided with toilet paper and soap. In 2018 the Gelso water and sanitation systems were fully refurbished. Now they are heated and equipped with every possible comfort. The new bathrooms have four private toilets, to ensure maximum privacy plus a touch of luxury.

<40 mq

Size less than 40 sq.m

60 mq

Size: more than 40 sq. m

70 mq

Size: up to 70sq. m

80 mq

90 mq

NEWS 2020

Size: up to 90sq. m


Size: up to 90sq. m with privat Jacuzzi

130 mq