dear four legged friends
dear four legged friends

Since we are welcoming guests.


La Rocca Camp is the campsite where your pets are welcome too. You will find 2 'Dog areas' special dedicated to your dog, near the vending machine with free dog waste bags and near the dog shower. If you need a veterinarian, there are a number in the close vicinity of the campsite with the possibility of home visits.

La Rocca Camp also organises events for your four-legged friend such as ‘basic Agility’ with expert instructors who train your faithful companions in a playful manner. For more info on these events, please contact our reception

For the peace of mind of your pets, we have a brief explanation of our House rules to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Also we would like to remind you that you need to report your pet when making your booking:

  • pets are allowed on all the pitches and in certain mobile homes (max. 2 per unit, check our price list).
  • It is allowed to bring your pet to the beach and on the promenade along the Lake. Animals must not, however, enter the water and this is punishable and can lead to a fine.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst in the campsite and should always be respectful to other guests.
  • Your animal must be walked outside the campsite. Owners are required to clean the feces with the appropriate dog waste bags, available at machines in the vicinity of the campsite.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the animals do not cause nuisance to other camping guests, and cause no damage to third parties or camping structure.
  • Cats and other pets can not roam freely outside the individual camping units.
  • According to house rules, the animals are not allowed on the playground, in the pool, toilets and in the restaurant and supermarket.
  • For dog breeds that are considered dangerous, you need to have permission of the camping director. These dogs should always be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle.
  • It is not allowed to leave the animals unattended in the individual camping units.
  • Non è permesso lasciare gli animali soli all'interno delle unità abitative.

Anyone who does not comply fully with the above House rules is subject to be expelled from the campsite.

The 4-legged friends can be accommodated in the following types of accommodation:

  • Maxicaravan Charme 1 e 2
  • Maxicaravan Easy 1 e 2
  • Maxicaravan Family 1 e 2
  • Maxicaravan Perla
  • Maxicaravan Panorama

Reserved Spaces

2 Dog Area

1 Agility Tour




Only for Them

Toilet Corner

Dog Events