Scenic Itineraries
Scenic Itineraries

Dal campeggio è possibile organizzate gite paesaggistiche molto suggestive alla scoperta di scenari e panorami tipici del Lago di Garda.

you want to plan your holiday , you might be interested in the main activities and characteristic trips that you can organize at Lake Garda ..

When you get to our campsite , you can ask the staff for advice and guidance , in the meantime, in this section you can find some information about what we consider useful to help you plan your excursions at Lake Garda.

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The Garda Lake

The Garda Lake, or Benaco, is the largest lake in Italy, surrounded by mountain ranges in the north and by the morenic hills in the south.

Loved for its mild climate and its Mediterranean vegetation, the lake offers great landscapes and interesting cultural activities. It provides many routes related to history, art, sport, wellness, fun and gastronomic tradition.

One of the best way to visit the lake from north to south is by ferry or hydrofoil, stopping in the most attractive villages on the coast

vacanze lago di garda

The East Coast

The “Riviera degli Olivi” is a splendid area, full of coves, villages and castles, extending from Malcesine to Peschiera del Garda. It offers many entertainments such as theme parks, spas, sport activities related to water, trekking and biking routes among vineyards and olive trees.

  • Malcesine (VR) A great touristic center characterized by the Castello Scaligero and the Palazzo dei Capitani, in Venetian style; the center is crossed by streets with elegant shops and many pubs.
    Torri del Benaco (VR) An ancient town dominated by the Castello Scaligero. Its historical center is characterized by a medieval plan and the buildings remind us to the Serenissima domination.
  • Garda (VR) Garda overlooks the homonymous bay. The whole town is dominated by the Eremo dei Camaldolesi. The Renaissance buildings characterize the center of the town. On the north side, lies Punta San Vigilio, a breathtaking peninsula offering an unforgettable view.
  • Bardolino (VR) Besides being famous for its wine, Bardolino preserves medieval and Romanesque churches as San Zeno, San Severo and Santa Maria di Cisano.
    Lazise (VR) charms for the promenade, the Castello Scaligero, the Dogana and the Romanesque church of San Nicolò.
  • Peschiera del Garda (VR) The historical center is crossed by medieval streets with many shops. In addiction it offers a 40 km bicycle path connecting the town to the wonderful city of Mantua, through the Parco del Mincio.
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The West Coast

The west coast is symbolized by the “Riviera dei limoni”, extending from Limone sul Garda to Salò.
The growing of the fragrant lemons, which dates from the thirteenth century, characterizes the whole coast.

The southern part of it, until Sirmione, is identified as the “Riviera dei Castelli e della Valtenesi”. It includes also, the western hinterland with its vineyards and olive groves.

  • Limone sul Garda (BS) Small touristic town characterized by beautiful old lemon houses.
  • Tremosine (BS) It is situated in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano. The town consists of several hamlets and overlooks the whole lake.
  • Gargnano (BS) This town is famous for the lemon groves , the olive groves, residences of noble families, but it is also an important site for cultural events and elegant hotels.
  • Gardone Riviera (BS) Since the nineteenth century, Gardone was attended by the European aristocracy. It is surrounded by a botanical garden. Today it is famous for the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the ancient residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio. Its wonderful open-air theater is home for interesting cultural programs.
  • Salò (BS) The town overlooks a charming bay, for which reason it is considered one of the jewel of the lake. The center is full of small streets and squares, where you can see noble residences, elegant shops, restaurants and bars.
  • Manerba del Garda (BS) Well known for the Parco della Rocca di Manerba, it is a destination for great walks. From there you can take the ferry to visit the Isola del Garda, the magnificent Island Borghese.
  • Desenzano del Garda (BS) Situated in the center of a large bay, Desenzano is one of the most animated towns of the lake. Touristic facilities, shops, events and a large number of excursions are waiting for you.
  • Sirmione (BS) The ancient center of Sirmione sits on a peninsula and for this reason the town offers an amazing view. You will be welcomed by the Castello Scaligero, introducing a large number of small streets with shops, pubs and restaurants. On the top of the hill is the Roman residence called Grotte di Catullo. Also beautiful is the Romanesque Church of San Pietro in Mavino, built by the local fishermen. Another great attraction are the thermaes, where you can enjoy the lake, and dip into warm water with therapeutic properties.
vacanze lago di garda

Eremo di San Giorgio

On the hill, behind Bardolino, on the Rocca, there is the Eremo of San Giorgio, a popular religious and touristic destination. It is connected to the town with a dirt road with slopes that take you to a splendid viewpoint, protected by centuries-old cypress trees.

The hermitage was built in the middle of 1600, on an ancient with church dedicated to the Dalmatian saint, which until 1532 dominated the hill. The new hermitage respected the original plans adopted by the oldest hermitage of the Camaldolesi, with a simple and homogeneous design. In the church there are precious works of Paglia and Palma il Giovane.

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Parco del Mincio

The Parco del Mincio is a large marshy area, extended from the south of the lake to the river Po. This area hosts a rich vegetation and a large number of animal species. It is the perfect place for suggestive walks by foot or by bicycle, thanks to its extraordinary nature and its historical towns.

The area of Mincio park is rather wide (including 13 townships) and among the morenic hills you can admire medieval villages, ducal palaces, Scaligeri  fortifications, lakes and forests of oaks, which are typical elements of the Pianura Padana. Some areas are real wildlife reserves, as they are inhabited by storks, herons, grebes, marsh harries and small birds. The park can be visited with a guided tour, organized by the Park, or by river among groves of reeds and water lilies. The Park can be reached by bike directly from Peschiera through an easy and safe cycling lane.

campeggio con attività sportive

Monte Baldo

Wonderful terrace overlooking Lake Garda, is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers, and tourists.

The lush flora and interesting morphological known in the past as “Hortus Europae”. Dominating the Vallagarina and upper Garda, with views of the Pre Alps and the Dolomites, offers very different landscapes. The Mediterranean, typical of the slopes near the lake, with olive trees and grapevines, oleanders and lavender, – with increasing altitude – in forests of oak and chestnut trees to ash trees and pines. Many itineraries and walks (well marked), suitable for any level of training; many opportunities for refreshment along ancient mule tracks and trails that reveal fragrant flora species protected like the orchid, saxifrage and various species of lilies. It is not difficult to spot chamois, marmots, hares and foxes, as well as the beautiful golden eagles.

The Monte Baldo is easily reached from Malcesine set between lake and mountains (at 30 km north of Bardolino), thanks to the new cable car with rotating cabins and a large parking. The cable car takes visitors to the first station of Saint Michael, 600 meters and then, with a cabin that rotates offering a spectacular 360 °, the 1,780 meter peak. The level difference with a total of 4325 m. reached in just 10 minutes.